Triggering Our Cut Scene

We can now trigger cut scene using a trigger volume - oh the possibilities!

I have play on awake turned off on the Playable Director, but it is still running through the animation when I start the game. Not sure what is happening here… I am using a newer version of Cinemachine, 2.5 I believe, but the play on awake seems to be the same. Any ideas?

[Question]I’m having the same problem: the sequence plays when I start the game even though Play on Awake is unclicked. What can I do?

[Solution] I had my box collider partly in the ground. So the terrain was triggering it!


Thanks for sharing your solution, that was really helpful! I had the same issue.

My solution was to wrap the Play() in an if statement:
Screenshot 2021-09-24 084155

This way I can use it in places where there may be enemies or other objects (eg pick ups, etc) and they can pass through without triggering anything, either.

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