Trigger Volume issue

My code is crashing on a null ptr to PressurePlate. I have read all the posts here and made sure that all recommendations have been met. Anyone knows if there are any changes in the latest Unreal build, 4.14.3, that can cause the crash?

Nope, works fine on my end. Are you absolutely sure you have a PressurePlate selected on all of your OpenDoor components? Does commenting out your code that uses your PressurePlate stop the crashes?

yes and yes …

Yes to the second question would kinda imply no to the first question. Do you have your project anywhere like GitHub?

I was able to fix it by adding an if(PressurePlate) to the code …
Pressure Plate enters this line with a null value, then it gets initialized
not sure how. Thanks

Which would mean it’s not being set in the editor. It can be nullptr at that stage and then initialise itself magically if you’re only seeing it in the editor.

If you’re only setting it in the error, in the OpenDoor component BeginPlay add

UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("%s"), *GetOwner()->GetName())

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