Trigger Axis not giving results for wireless 360 controller

I’ve got a wireless connection to my Xbox 360 controller. The trigger axis inputs doesn’t seem to do anything. I can get results when I map it to the analog sticks.

Using the Windows joy.cpl configuration, I could see that Windows is detecting all inputs correctly. I enabled the RawInput plugin to see if it makes a difference, but to no avail.

What could I be missing?

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After noticing that also the normal keyboard left-and-right didn’t work from the next tutorial, I remade the nodes.

I think it had something to do with the viewport not being focussed, but I’m pretty sure it was focussed before.

Now the triggers work too :slight_smile:

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I had the same problem, and had to do a “Build->Rebuild Solution” from Visual Studio to fix it.

Same problem, I nearly died of frustration, because everything was alright, and it turned out it was, I just didnt focus the game window. I figured it out, because I remembered, that the mouse wont work otherwise either.

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