Tried out three similar pawns

My favourite is the middle one where flat and smooth shading are mixed
Whilst modelling I’ll be using single files for each object. I will append the objects in the file shown here with the board.
In This file I will also set the materials for the chesspieces as one figure exist already ,that can be duplicated.
I like my projects to evolve as I go along thats why I use single files.In these files I can try out variations(learning by doing) each file is a seperate project but also part of the end result


Good to try variations. You might consider not going low poly. So many want to use Blender for game bits and bobs it does tend to be rather low poly orientated.

very good course but game oriented as the name gamedevtv suggests - if you look at the other courses there all about games - thats the way the cookie crumbles

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Yes, that’s because a lot of people are starting with the Dev course.
But then realize they need content of 3D objects.
Then they do this course.
The only plus for low poly in Blender is render times. The same reason for games, but less important.
It all depends on what you want to achieve.
Use as many poly as you think it’s needed for a good look.

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Hi FedPete,
I don’t know where my journey will take me - I find blender fascinating, becase it is a powerful tool in many respects
I hope to find what suits me best - hoping to be able to dive deeper into bpy while I’m at it
by the way I really appreciate the likes


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