Tricky Patterns: How to edit animation

Hi, I am a new recently enrolled student into the Challenge Club, and I have been having a blast learning all these new things. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to edit an animation. I found “Enemy Anim” and I assume that’s what’s being used to move the enemies around. but when I double click into it all I get is this box

Can someone explain how to edit animations?

Hi and welcome to the Challenge Club!

If you click on the triangle next to Body: Position, you should be able to expand this and see the x, y, z values for the animation. I believe you need to have the record button (next to Preview) selected in order to edit the animation and have the changes stick. Then you can select the little diamonds under the timestamps and change the position values for each frame. In order to make the red button accessible, make sure you are clicked on an object in the hierarchy that uses this animation.

Thank you so much for this answer. My problem was that I didn’t have a cube selected so even the play button was greyed out.


Can you put [Solved] in the title if you are sorted now please?