Transition not working right (animation overlap?)

I have built the idle and star birth animations, but my star doesn’t seem to become “active” when going through the birth animation. I can see in the scene window that the sprite rises and grows in scale during the birth animation, but it never becomes visible. If I delete the star’s property from the idle animation (the one that we use to make in inactive during the idle animation) everything works as you would expect: you can see the star swaying with the trophy top, then it immediately resets to zero scale, rises and increases in size during the birth animation, all visible.

According to the Inspector window it seems that the animations are overlapping somehow, though the Animator window shows them playing independently from one another. Can anyone help me figure out what I’m doing wrong here?

Also, I should mention I am on Unity 2017.3.

So of course right after posting this I found the issue. My birth animation was making my trophy “top” active instead of the star itself. I had to delete that property and replace it with the correct reference.

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