Transforming Bow (WIP)


I took a break from the course to work on another project and apply the techniques we’ve learned. I’ve been working on this for two months now. It’s a bow that transforms into a short sword!

I think all that remains is to color it and shorten the blades a bit!


Like BloodBorne)


Looks good but yeah I would bring in the width of the blades, as it stands they look a little chunky. But great concept and model!


Whoa! That’s amazing! o_o


i really like how it can be used to stab someone or shoot them which brings it back to the concept of a bow which was invented so that u could stab someone and shoot them at the same time (AKA fire a blade at them)
gr8 job! :+1: i do agree that the blades look just a bit too tall when it is in sword mode


That’s awesome dude!

Hope we see it finished some day :wink: