Transform vs Camera Settings to Affix Camera

In this lesson it fixes the camera’s position so that it’s not set to the player’s position by setting the rotation to absolute under the Transform section. It seems that the same effect occurs if Inherit [Pitch,Yaw,Roll] under ‘Camera Settings’ are all disabled. Does this effectively do the same thing? What’s the difference/

I don’t know if there’s an exact difference, other than the inherit pitch/yaw/roll settings don’t work if you’re using an absolute rotation. Which is a setting that comes from the SceneComponent that the SpringArmComponent is a child of, with the Camera Settings being unique to the spring arm.

If I had to pick why you would want to use one option over the other, if your intention is to fix the spring arm in one place and never have it move, then I imagine it’s safer to use absolute rotation and toggle off all of the inherit settings.

If you want to lock one or two axis in-place and allow only one rotation, then the inherits are the way to go.

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