Transferable skills?

I’ve noticed at least one other thread regarding applying what’s taught here into a different engine. Over in the Showcase section someone is building a 2D RPG in Godot. From what I know Godot is C++ or GDScript right? Not C#? I don’t use Godot so maybe I’ve gotten my wires crossed somewhere.
It got me thinking though. Just how scripting heavy is this course? I started the original Unity course and remember some emphasis on scripting in C#. I backed this RPG course before I’d settled on which engine I’d like to focus on. I also have the Unreal course which obviously has C++ ingrained into it, and I keep finding myself drawn more and more toward Unreal largely due to YouTube autoplaying speed builds in it after a modeling video I’ve been watching has ended.
I’ve been trying to focus on modeling but I think it’s time I dipped my toe further into the game engine side of things since I hope to someday make a game. If I wanted to make an RPG in Unreal is it worth my time working through this course, or will I be faced with a lot of C# that may muddy my C++ learning?

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