TRAIL BLAZER QUEST: ‘A Different Look’ - Solutions

Quest: Trail Blazer Quest
Challenge: A Different Look

Feel free to share your solutions, ideas and creations below. If you get stuck, you can find some ideas here for completing this challenge.

Here’s my mini prototype game for this quest

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Here’s my take on the endless runner. Any feedback/suggestions?

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I like the changing color blocks and exploding balloons! I’m curious what some of your settings are. Mine gets cut off some at the bottom.

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980 x 720 and i dont bother with itchio’s full screen button and just have the Unity one.

Nice runner - got to 300+ before kaputting.

You need to put controls options somewhere (even if in itchio desc) as I didnt know, for example, if there was a boost.
Some kind of final screen with a score (coins plus distance?)
If you save the score to PlayerPrefs you can tell the player if they have beaten their best which makes it a little more replayable?

Looked good and played smoothly

(PS Try editing your comment above and putting the link on a different line and see if that embeds it better?)

PPS thx for playing mine and commenting :grin: :balloon: :clown_face:

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Hey thanks for the info. I added some on-screen instructions. I’ll play around with high scores this week. (I did all this on my day off yesterday). I want to build a mobile version using the newer input system and some on-screen buttons.

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I enjoyed playing this. With the dash function I immediately assumed there would be some sort of time limit to each level. I like the distance tracked and coins collected features though. A few times when I didn’t quite make a jump my character got sort of stuck to the edge of the next platform and would slide down slowly.

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Nice work, this is really cool. What did you use to get the outline effect on your graphics?

Thanks! Toony Colors Pro 2, I picked it up during the recent 50% off sale and now I’m like Oprah, everything gets a toony look!

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Thanks! I got that problem too, getting stuck. And I managed to go 700 meters by holding down the d key and jumping a lot. :smile:

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Had a blast with this quest! Here’s my take. LMB to jump and double jump. Feedback is always appreciated and thank you for playing!

That’s cool.
Like the variety of power ups and the background worked well.
Got to 280+ a couple of times though did feel I ran out of blocks on one or two occasions too?!
Good effort.

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