TradeWar, a fantasy DopeWars clone

The quit and mute don’t actually have pressable buttons yet, so I recommend playing this on a device with a keyboard until I work out how to do that in a later version. I have a ton of ideas for new features to add including random events and a battle screen.

The image resources are from Glitch and RPG Maker MV, they are just placeholders for original art that I will make when the mechanics are more finished.

My brother created the music for a different project but gave me permission to use it for this.

This is my first original program that I didn’t basically copy from tutorial materials, but I did use a lot of the concepts they taught me. I am really happy with how things are shaping up so far :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking a look, and I’d be grateful for any feedback :slight_smile:


Not bad at all mate.

I think if you add 3 more towns and commodities, you’'ll be set :slight_smile:

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