Toy plane - is there a way to undo "join"?

[Question] Is there a way to undo the join function to manipulate the objects independently?

I have attached a picture of my first attempt at modelling a toy plane. Here is what I learned: before you join objects, save, go into full screen and pan to view the object at several angles to see if anything is not connected or needs aligning. Once I went to full screen, I noticed several problems with my plane model that were not visible when I had four small view windows open: wings too short, support poles don’t attach to the body, body cylinder is not narrow enough at tail, front sphere not large enough at front of plane, wonky alignment of front propeller because it was created after I tilted the body of the plane. I couldn’t figure out a way to unjoin objects, so I don’t know how to fix these problems at this point. Thanks!

There is no straightforward un-join function since blender handles the joined objects as one.
But you can separate part of an object and create a new object. See here:

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