Tower defence design doc

Game Design Document

  • NAME: “Revenge of the Pharaoh”

  • PLAYER EXPERIENCE: Tactical / strategic tower placements (Towers will be Blessed talismans e.g golden ankhs)

  • CORE MECHANIC: Using limited resources, strategically place talismans to stop enemies from reaching their goal.

  • CORE GAME LOOP: Survive against waves of enemies for as long as possible (Level reloads when the player (gold/Stolen loot) runs out)

  • THEME: Ancient Egyptian fantasy horror

    • STORY: Pharaoh “Notsohappy’s” tomb was robbed one too many times by the greedy villagers and he is angry! Defend against “Undead mummies” coming out of the looted pyramid attacking the village.
    • ART
      • Ancient Egyptian horror fantasy
      • Voxel art (3D pixel art) for now. ( if I don’t like the Voxel art I may upgrade to a quality art pack I bought,).

- Platform: PC/Mac/Linux
- Aspect ratio: 1920 * 1080 16:9 (HD)
- Input: Mouse (only)

Stretch goals:

  • Before resetting the level, the villagers turn into mummies and enter the tomb returning the stolen loot. Pharaoh “Notsohappy” can rest again!