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I’m a couple steps below, but I ended up having 8 faces on the top. You did a verification on the other ones, so I missed it. I see you have 9. Just a recommendation to add a count of faces to the top as well to make sure we match. Filling out the cheek and running into issues.

Great video still.



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At time 12:14 I can count 9 faces on the top. You had a count for verification on other other side, but not the top. So, if you look at mine, I have 8.

However, I match on the side and front view.


I hope that helps.


The number of faces isn’t really important.
Less faces, easier to handle, less work. But less details.
Many face, difficult to handle, much more work. But high details, slower in animation engines.

Important have are those faced loops around the eyes, nose, and mouth.
They make it easier to add more details on those expressive parts of the face.


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