Top down elemental knight

My attempt at a fire knight. Was original going for lighting/electricity, but the yellow was too overwhelming so I went with more red too make it easier to look at. Now it looks like a fire knight :slight_smile:


Yes, I know what you mean; it is really hard to get enough detail into it and defining a colour as some element or not when you limit yourself onto small pixelcounts; that is what makes it artistically so interesting in my opinion :slight_smile:
May your knight be a fireknight with a flaming sword or a red horned knight with a electric weapon, it’s looks are great and I love the helmet design.
Getting some dark souls vibes from the entire looks of the character :star_struck:


Thanks! I like the idea of a red knight with electric weapon. Maybe I could make the sword a blue color and add some blue to the fire to help re-enforce that theme.


Don’t forget to show the result; I imagine the question if you gave him an electric or a fiery sword will be best solved with the animation of that character and his weapon.
… great, now I find myself imagining him swinging his sword and shooting lightinings out of the tip or flames coming from the entire blade and burning everything which lies in the motion path of it :sweat_smile:

I’ll definitely show it when I get to it. I’m planning on using this character in my minigame I’m trying to make.
The shooting lighting would be a pretty cool feature!

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So you are even working on a game as well? That is cool!
What do you use for coding? Probably Unity?

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I’m using gamemaker studio 2 right now. Sadly, my laptop is getting old and near the end of its life so the bigger engines like unity/unreal will not work for me. My day job is coding though, so I have a fairly easy time implementing the game mechanics I want. It’s my art skills that need improvement haha.
Are you working on a game too?

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I guess I could say that I am always working on a game :laughing:
It is a lot of trying out, working on this mechanics, than on that.

the coding is the very hardest for me, but I want at least to have a somehow understanding for it. Generally spoken it just makes sense to me to know a bit about the different sectors and it will at some point be beneficial when it comes to exchange with others and their fields they work on for a game.

Your day job is coding?
AND you are looking for a small game engine?
Well, then I highly recommend to try out Godot!
It is free like blender, krita and our pixelart programs, you can work 2d or 3d (the 3d part improves on every version) and it is very user friendly.
If you are working on a pixelart game it should not be of any trouble to an old hardware, I even run it on the Asus Transformer T-100 :sweat_smile: