Toon Shadin' That Dino


The low poly nature makes it a little hard to pull off, but I still think it looks like it could be animated. I did find this lesson to be a little tough at first, but I’m nearly there!

Also rawr.


This looks incredible, I love the shading of the dinosaur!

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Thanks! I was just happy to get a decent shot out of it after adjusting the camera a million times haha.

Lol I feel you, camera adjusting was always a hassle.

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The gamechanger for me is using camera in 1st person mode.
To do it press 0 on numpad to go to active camera, than press shift~ (the button next to 1 on keyboard)

In this mode you can use wsad to move, q and e to go up-down and mouse to point camera. And its a lot easier to adjust. There is also shortcut to set active camera to viewport, its ctrl-alt-numpad0, but I dont use it often. The 1st person mode is better for small adjustments :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, absolutely. Usually to get a shot I will actually use the CTRL + ALT + 0 first to get in the general position and then switch to SHIFT + ~ for the fine tuning.

Not sure if you knew this little bit but you can also scroll up on your mouse wheel (if you have one) and that will increase the speed of all of the movements while you’re in the SHIFT + ~ (fly) mode. If you scroll down with it, you can slow it down and get SUPER fine control with it and if you find yourself really far away you can ramp it up to get to where you want quicker.

I just was being picky with the shot and not liking anything haha.

I guess you are a FPS game player and are used to that system. Mikey, the first tutor for the Blender course liked it too. Weird as I think few do. Lucky Blender has so many ways to do things!


Funny thing, Im not :slight_smile:
I mean, yes I did play some CS or whatnot, but FPS are not my thing. Anyway, I just find this system intuitive and precise. For me it feells a little like using real photo camera, Im DSLR user, so I prefer viewfinder over life-view mode, who knows, maybe this is the reason?
Or maybe the fact that I did the previous version of the course, so Mikey infected me with this? :wink: (But I think I did like it even before that.)
And I would imagine that everyone likes this system :wink:

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Yes I blame Mikey!
I am a camera user too, still easier to adjust the view than try to walk/fly about for me.


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