Too slow Live coding

Sorry. I’ve saw you closed my latest Topic. I was busy. I’ve asked “why live coding was to long (about 5 minutes) every time I created only one variable? I have decent performance on my executing computer.”.
Yes I have SSD.


The recommended setup these days is 2 SSDs, one for os ad one for development. However, 1 should be adequate. Most likely it is CPU performance. I would say a high end i7 is the minimum. Also, laptop i7 CPUs if you are using a laptop is about half the power of a desktop i7 (reduced core Count and lower clock speed) so often that impacts on compile times.

Make sure you have enough free space on your disk and your Cpu is up to spec,3ghz+ and ideally 8/16 cores /threads

What about old NTFS hard disc?

They work but it can be about 100x slower for compiling, launching and general use.

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