Too much force when all of the track not in contact with ground

So I was wondering wheather it’s possible to figure out how much of the tracks collision box is in contact with ground and adjust force applied accordingly.

Right now when going over the hilltops and if some part of the tracks lifts in the air but some stays in contact the force applied is just too much and tank flips over.

Would be really awesome if someone could give some kind of tip how to deal with that.

(Another way to go probably would be to apply the driving force parallel to the global xy plane, the way it’s implemented rn it seems it is applied in tanks local xy plane and again as soon as the contact surface gets too low it accelerates uncontrollably and shoots off and flips backwards or forwards)

Also feel free to point out flaws in my reasoning here, don’t have much experience with this. And thanks in advance :wink:

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