Too many Vertices on my curve?

Going through the lectures for the bowling pin now, and although I think the final result looks good I had significantly more vertices when converting my curve into a mesh than what was shown on the course. I imagine it’s not very optimal for it to be this detailed.

I didn’t notice any means of choosing how many vertices I could have when converting; so I was wondering if anyone had any advice for how I could fix this? Thank you.~

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Yes you control this with the curve resolution Preview U in the curve properties panel. Each normal arrow will become a vertex when it is converted.

If you did not see the arrow like lines in edit mode that may be due to, for or some unknown reason, recent versions of Blender have them turned off as the default.

In Edit mode. You can turn ‘handles’ Normals on in the overlays dropdown top right of 3d view window. The slider will adjust their length for working visual convenience.

It is probably best to go back and remake the curve knowing about this.


Thanks for the help! Yeah I had the handles turned off so had no idea the resolution of my curve was apparently ridiculously high. Gone through the process again and things look a lot neater now.

Thanks again.~

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