Toggle Text color works in Unity 2021.2

FYI. I’m using Unity 2021.2, and coloring the text on a toggle using USS works fine.

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As the team at Unity continues to update the toolkit, more and more bugs will be squashed. Also fixed in Unity 2021.2 is the DropdownField. In previous versions, DropdownField.changes was marked as internal in the source code (meaning you couldn’t set the changes at runtime without instantiating a new dropdown field). It’s now public in 2021.2 to match the documentation.

That’s good. The toolkit is still quite buggy, as you stated. It always stays on top of the Unity editor window (I have to minimize the UI Builder). Also, I eventually lose the ability to drop and drag, both in Unity and the Builder. Still a neat tool, though.

That’s great news!
I encountered so many bugs when prototyping the course, so it’s nice to see them slowly getting resolved :slight_smile:

Hello! Is it possible that this bug would be in 2021.3.16f1?

Been trying different USS shenanigans, and it looks like the color is reflected in the inspector, but not in the viewport.


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