TOADY FROGGERSON QUEST: 'Add More Depth' - Solutions

Quest: Toady Froggerson
Challenge: Add More Depth

Feel free to share your solutions, ideas and creations below. If you get stuck, you can find some ideas here for completing this challenge.

Here is my prototype mini game - Why Did the Clown Cross The Road?

Crash chaos was an unforeseen bonus :grinning:

Summary (may contain unhidden spoilers)
  • Add new vehicle types and world tile types
    I added a river and boats - not to jump on just to avoid
  • Improve how the random generation works
    More roads than others was the plan
  • Implement a difficulty curve so the game starts easy but gets harder
    There is a curve there. Vehicles should speed up and the distance between them shorten as we progress. Not 100 % sure it works and if it does it probably needs tweaking.
  • Add pickups that change the behaviour of the player
    Balloons are back
  • Add new player skins
    Clown is back
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This was a lot of fun! I like the day/night system-- I’m currently playing around with a system like this in one of my 2D game prototypes so it was nice to see it in action in 3D. I did get the sense that there was a difficulty curve but it seemed like a fairly gradual increase in difficulty. Maybe this could be sharper? It was easy to avoid the cars for quite a while. I love that you couldn’t go backward…like in life. :joy: Cool premise and flavour text. I always love when a game incorporates world-building stuff like that.

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Thanks for having a play @mystic_mill and commenting

I was a challenge in another of the Quests and I wrote so it was pretty easy to chuck into another game. Of course I want to change/enhance it every time I add it to a new game - this time it was cars and lights !
Ideally i’d smoothly change the skyboxesbut that’s on the long list at mo…

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I think “Nijo the Bugfinder” found a bug with that highscore! haha

Fantastic job on this project, you’ve really taken the base project and just ran with it - It has a leaderboard and everything!

I couldn’t feel the difficulty increase you mention but it might just been subtle enough for me not to have noticed.
Either way, there was enough challenge to make it fun and the balloons add a “push your luck” element that was the main cause of my defeats anyway.

Personally, I found the soundscape and all the color changing a bit to chaotic for me to keep play for an extended period of time. If things were a little more subdued, I could see myself playing this for a long old while!

Keep up the great work!

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Hello Everybody! I created a variation on the TOADY FROGGERSON QUEST. See the link below for the Game. It has FPS drops in the WebGL version… But it’s OK, it’s enough to get the idea of the gameplay.

This was a really fun project! I learned quite a bit about Object pooling! This was the first time I have ever used an object pool! yay! Now I understand exactly what they are, and how and when to use them. I love.

Also, I made it so that the FROG moves constantly, to give the player a bit of a challenge. So the controls are very simple, just press left and right.

I would like to point out a couple of interesting things that I used in this project…

  1. I used the Unity Events system heavily when setting up all types of events for pick-ups and in the UI. I used a scriptable object GameEvent script, and then a Listener script that I attached to individual game objects.


  1. I used a simple state machine on the player script. My player had “hurt”, “alive”, “dead” and “invincible” states. I also had a simple state machine set up in the Animator, to mirror the states on the player script. This was a good time! I absolutely love Finite State Machines! They are fun.

  1. I used TMPro exclusively in this project instead of Text.

  2. I am undecided on whether to use C# events or Unity events. I like that you can wire the Unity events in the inspector. But at the same time, I also like how the C# events are hard-coded, and you can search for them through the entire code-base with the CTRL+SHIFT+F.
    In my next project, I am going to use C# events, to see how much I like that.
    Also, Unity events have bugged out a couple of times for me.

I hope you like the game. I love GameDev.TV, because of how much I’ve learned doing these quests.



That’s cool Mitch.

Got 1600+ after quite a few plays

I did seem to get stuck in the credits screen…


These are my views and remember its your game not mine!

  • You need to start immortal cause hitting a skull straight off is not fun
  • When dead/in purgatory/flashing i feel picking stuff up would help as it didnt trigger anything
  • When I was immortal i did feel I died quite a lot especially when it was coming out of it…? Does the animation espectally the text keep running to long - i dont know?
  • I think it needs something more when you die so it’s obvious especially when hitting the ‘cars’
  • Though I did get used to it it was all a bit fast on the first game - may put some people off.

I did enjoy playing it

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Thanks for your Feedback! It is a really good idea to start off in the immortal state… That’s a very easy fix.

Great work @mitch_heisenberg, I love the direction you went with this one.
I really like the added pickups and the associated particle effects look great.

The only thing I would say would be to think about some color theory.
The “good” pickups all tend to be red but most players have been conditioned to think red is “bad”.
With the blue/purple color scheme you’ve got, a yellow/green would be a good choice to help them stand out from the background.

Keep up the great work!

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Interesting with Clowns this one.

What I found weird on my first play was I wrongly assumed I have to use the boats to cross the water!

Nice Job


@mitch_heisenberg I absolutely love the space age look you have applied to this, its great!


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Thank you, good point! I agree that communicating to the player using Color is key.

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