To many triangles

Why have i got to many triangles lol?

Should i just remake the model

I made a new model

This time I followed the vid. I found i missed out the Smooth tool, before I did the edge split

Don’t forget the Smooth! :smiley:

What smooth tool? You mean shaders? Or edge bevel?

in Object mode, go to the tool panel to the Left of your screen, and select Smooth

Sorry for late response. Awfully busy with a lot of stuff that gets in my way of being able to make progress in Blender.

As far as I’m aware, nothing gets exported as smooth unless it’s done in the blender engine only(?). I never use it myself. That’s generally, instead, applied as some external function of some software when it’s time to actually make it into a game (like in Unity).

As a side note, I’m doing game design, but about to switch majors. The school I go to hates Blender and prefers Maya, but I hate Maya, lol.

No way, the smooth tool worked???

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