To anyone having issues with the UE5 Learning Kit

I see a lot of people having issues in not being able to find the Learning Kit for UE5 in order to proceed with the project. It’s still there on the marketplace, just under a different name and works all the same:

Link here:


Good thing it’s there for Unreal 5.1 so conversion of a UE4 project’s not necessary anymore.
Bad thing is that current version of UE is 5.2.1, so some upgrading is still needed.

Additionally (running Ubuntu and having grabbed the packages using legendary, I can’t just go and say “create new project from this” (not that much of an issue since I then get prompted for making a converted copy of it).

The more important thing is that I then get prompted for some Bridge plugin I would be missing and if I wanted to go ahead and not be able to be using it (for just this project presumably) or if I wanted to bail out.
Checking the download page again:

There is the Bridge package, for UE 5.2.0…

Extracting the Bridge package 5.2.0 into the 5.2.1 editor appears to be working just fine (for now).

And while we’re at it… Downloading the Character will just extract the asset package, so for importing it all you have to do is locate the Content folder of it and then copy or move the SCK_Casual01 folder that’s inside into the Content folder of your own project.

@DanM Had a student message me on this and the course resources links being incorrect.
Is this something we need to get @Joshua_Ison to look at correcting?

There is no link. IIRC it was removed because of this change and perhaps another problem as well?

When i last did this content is used the linked pack without any issues so i am unaware if there was any problems with it and students havent really mentioned any issues that i have seen so far.

Is it worth adding it back and see if it creates any problems? (I’m not able to use unreal at the moment as doing unity work and installing .net 6 breaks my intellisense!)

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