Tips to be more productive

Here’s some tips to help you stay productive,

1.Prioritize tasks: Make a to-do list of tasks that you need to complete and prioritize them based on their urgency and importance. Tackle the most important tasks first.

  1. Set goals: Set clear and specific goals for yourself, both short-term and long-term. This will help you stay focused and motivated.

  2. Use a timer: Set a timer for a specific period of time and work on a task without any distractions during that time. This technique, called the Pomodoro Technique, can help improve your focus and productivity.

  3. Take breaks: Taking regular breaks can help you recharge and stay focused. Consider taking a short walk or doing some stretching exercises during your break.

  4. Avoid multitasking: Trying to do multiple things at once can actually decrease your productivity. Focus on one task at a time and give it your full attention.

  5. Avoid distractions: Eliminate or minimize distractions like social media, email, and phone notifications while working. You can use apps and tools like website blockers or noise-cancelling headphones to help with this.

7.Get enough sleep: Getting enough sleep is crucial for your productivity. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

  1. Stay organized: Keeping your workspace and digital files organized can help you save time and be more productive.

  2. Learn to say no: Saying no to things that don’t align with your priorities can help you stay focused on what’s important.

  3. Take care of yourself: Taking care of your physical and mental health is important for productivity. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, and practice self-care to help you stay energized and focused.


Also here is 3 more I thought were good

  1. Use productivity tools: There are many productivity tools available, such as task management apps, project management software, and time tracking tools, that can help you stay organized and focused.

  2. Stay hydrated: Drinking enough water throughout the day can help improve your cognitive function and productivity. Keep a water bottle nearby and aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

3.Take advantage of your most productive time: Everyone has different times of the day when they are most productive. Identify when you are most productive and try to schedule your most important tasks during that time.


Interesting tips, I might use these in the future!


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Yeah somebody told me about them, so I figured I post that.


Really the best one in my eyes is number 7, getting sleep is very important.


I agree bro🙌


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I’m going to be “that guy” on this thread.

Unfortunately, a lot of your tips are myths and/or do not fit every type of personality there is, this tips can lead to frustration or even harm, let me explain one by one.

1.- Prioritizing tasks can be really hard if you are unexperienced, which a lot of students here are, What should you focus on? 3D modeling? Coding? Shaders? Level design? Sound? Music? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg since I miss things and also, each can be separated into several subsections.

2.- Setting goals is ok, but a lot of people are not really driven by them and what’s even worse, if you share them with others those goals will lose their power, really, really, fast, unless you can find an “accountability buddy” or something similar to that.

3.- I’ve used that sort of technique before, I have an app called Focus, it prevents me from using all distracting software and websites on my computer, it works, but it can cause burnout depending on your personality, in my case, it causes it in a couple of days.

4.- This truly depends, you might not want to take a break if you are inspired.

5.- Oh… this one is the biggest myth of all. This is, again, a matter of personality, in my case I work better if I work on multiple projects, working on the same project every day becomes really tiresome, and if I can jump from modeling, to coding, to game design in a single day, the better.

6.- This is pretty much the same as the last tip.

7.- Believe it or not, there have been studies that prove this to be wrong, I don’t know how accurate those studies are, but some people, like myself, 6 hours of sleep are more than enough. Depends on your biology, physical activity, diet, schedules, and more.

8.- This I 100% agree, but there’s a catch, the more creative you are the more difficult it will be to stayed organized and what’s worse, you’ll start to develop more creative ways to stay organized creating a never ending loop of organization that doesn’t help progress your actual goals.

9.- Agreed.

10.- Yeah, but I would add the following; if you can, take therapy, this is one of the best things I have done as a game developer.

What I’m trying to say here is that not all methods are going to be suitable for everyone, and some might even be harmful, that’s why is so important to take therapy, to understand and know yourself better so you can apply what’s truly going to be helpful to you. I’m saying this because throughout the years I tried everything on this list, and almost everything threw poor or harmful results, I became really frustrated until I started paying attention to myself, that’s when things started to become a lot better, I understood that there was nothing wrong with me, I’m just wired differently, I stopped forcing myself to do things the way people say should be, and started doing the way I enjoy them the most, that’s what boost my productivity without even caring about productivity.


I totally feel you, for the most part I just blatantly put this together based off of some reasearch which I shouldn’t have done, and quite honestly multitasking is something I do very often, which includes me doing certain types of stuff from gamedev and certain stuff from unity learn as well as doing my school sporadically. I respect you replying to this because you are right, everyone has different personalities, and there shouldn’t be a defined list on how to do stuff. Me personally am a night person(others may be a morning one) and am a multitasker, unlike many others. Thanks for the response!



  1. I figured prioritizing tasks would be easier because gamedev tv kind of already does that with their tutorial systems, but yes there’s a lot and prioritizing can be pretty difficult if your a beginner and game dev is such a daunting task

  2. The way I set goals is to create something that can measure my growth, for example, being able to consistently code each day was something that I wanted, but couldn’t always do because of me getting sidetracked. What I did was created a piece of paper that measured my highest streak of consecutive days coding, at first I only managed a 7 day streak, but seeing that wanted me to go farther, so after that streak ended, I got up to 32 days. I would have a highest streak “record” on the paper, and that would kind of be my goal, to always set a higher streak… While I was so focused on the streak, I learned a lot of coding and built the entire mobile series plus tilevania in a month. Obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone but I think it’s a good practice to set goals, my next one is to publish a game before I turn 15.

  3. For me personally it’s hard to work on timers, I just threw that one out there. It might be good to do so. Example being, I’m really tired from work and I need a video game break, I set a 30 minute timer to play video games and then get back to work… But all and all timers aren’t the greatest idea.

  4. For me a break just consists of YouTube or sports… I personally see that breaks help out with, like you said, being inspired, but also getting your mind off of something for a little.

  5. I agree, Multitask a lot, I probably shouldn’t have put that.

  6. Id say that this one is different, sometimes when I’m doing homework, or I’m trying to program, I get sidetracked and find myself watching YouTube. On my phone I realized that I often times watch 3+ hours of YouTube a day, I disabled YouTube on my phone, and now I spend 3+ hours on game dev tv(already at over 4 hours for today). I personally think eliminating distractions is useful but it varies by person.

  7. With school and hockey among other things, I find myself sleeping 6-8 hours when I should be sleeping 9, and I preform just fine, so your right on that one.

  8. Yup staying organized is very helpful

  9. I say yes way to much

  10. I used to actually take physical therapy because I have something called SPD(sensory processing disorder) despite me being a normal person according to everyone, and the physical therapy actually helped in some way, now this is probably not as impactful as other therapy forms, but it still changes you.

Thanks again for the long and thoughtful response!


I agree, to be honest I get a lot of sleep, around 11ish hours, and I do think that priorizing tasks isn’t a good idea because I tried starting with something call Static variables and it didn’t end well…:frowning:


Welcome to the community, as I see you just joined.

I personally wouldn’t start with that, you should try one of the GDTV courses such as 3D development with Unity.


What does GDTV mean?


Gamedev tv🤣


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