TIP: You can change the background color of the Scene window!

Full credit goes to Code Monkey on YouTube for pointing this out in a Shorts video!

Edit > Preferences > Colors, then under Scene, you can change the background color to anything you’d like. I was having trouble lining up my roads in the Scene window against the default dark background while working on the Delivery lessons, so I changed it to a bright purple-pink for contrast, and it’s now extremely easy to tell where a road segment doesn’t meet up properly.

I told a seasoned veteran game dev about this, and they didn’t know about it either, so I thought I’d share the knowledge in case it helps anyone else here! <3


Nice tip! Most of the time the scene is showing the skybox (in 3D mode) so this won’t always reflect, but if you disable skybox in the scene your chosen color will show up.

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