[Tip] I've found it faster and easier to use quick favorites

set object mode in sculpt mode quick favorites, and put sculpt mode into object mode quick favorites. I recommend you do it as well
here is how
step 1
you click on that dropdown for modes

step 2
then you right-click on sculpt mode or your other desired mode, and it should have the option, “add to quick favorites”

now all you need to do is click q and left click.

be sure to set it vice versa in the opposite mode

edit: hadn’t seen the whole video when I made this, well that invalidates my system now doesn’t it

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Nice solution! I find ‘Quick favorites’ very useful. I use it a lot.
It’s a pity that after installing a new version of Blender, the setup is lost.

And as you can see, Blender is very flexible.

Glad you have shared this solution with us.

My ‘favourites’ are the key presses I remember!

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