Tip: If you can't set the sample rate

Make sure you tick this box in the animation tab’s options.

Thank you for sharing @heckert.
I’ll pass this on to Stephen and see if we can get this edited into the videos :slight_smile:

Glad you found this. I had to walk away for a bit. When I came back I started googling how to get the sample rate. I ended up having to select the animation. Click the drop down menu in the inspector and change it to Debug to get the field. Your method feels a lot less hacky. I am on a slightly newer version than the instructor and assumed that was the issue.


You also might find that by default the timeline is set to seconds.
I have highlighted this to the team as it seems to be a later version or was already set off camera.
The option to change to frames is shown in @heckert 's post above

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