timeSinceLastAttack substraction

When resetting the timeSinceLastAttack, wouldn’t it be more accurate to have the timeBetweenAttacks substracted like this:

            if (timeSinceLastAttack > timeBetweenAttacks) {
                timeSinceLastAttack -= timeBetweenAttacks;

instead of

            timeSinceLastAttack = 0;

This way we would keep track of the surplus of seconds from the latest frame, wouldn’t we? I fear that this time excess could be important in some future development, or am I just being too paranoid? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Nevermind, I see what’s wrong with my approach. I believe it works fine if the player were to be constantly fighting, but as soon as he leaves fight, the timeSinceLastAttack counter keeps getting higher, and when we encounter a fight again, since I never reset it back to zero, timeSinceLastAttack may contain a huge deposit of time which would translate into ‘free kicks without rest’.

That’s exactly right. We always want the delay between attacks to start when we start an attack.

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