Timeline editing

What’s the best way to adjust existing key frame parameters, and how can one fixate the curve point on the original key frame? Whenever I moved one of the curve points I had at least one more keyframe and when I tried to a keyframe by the numbers I ended up with another keyframe next to it instead.
For some corrections it would be useful if one had all frames and their transform numbers in a table so one could the odd one more easily. Perhaps there is some editor extension that would do that?

Hi heckert,

Have you already tried to open the animation file in your script editor? Maybe you will find an array of keyframes there.

Well, I made a habit of skimming through the changes whenever I save a step that I commit into my git and while it’s true that there are no technical hurdles against editing them in a text editor as they’re saved in Unity’s type of yaml files, they’re not easy to read and I wouldn’t want to needlessly mug around in them and possibly breaking the timeline asset for Unity.
Besides, it would be preferable to do this within Unity so it would be possible to follow along the rendering at each position, same as with the standard timeline editor…

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