Time for a Ludum Dare #40 Blog

ok, so its Saturday morning (and not enough coffee yet) and Ludum Dare 40 has started with the theme of …

“The more you have, the worse it gets”

going to spend no more than a couple of hours with paper and pencil and try and sketch out some ideas and see if any of them seem worth pursuing before diving in and fleshing them out.

down the rabbit hole once more …

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ok so after having a little think this morning, i should have really had a think about all the shortlist items yesterday to have an idea, but , hey ho…

sort of brough back memories of an old PSP game i had called mercury? (if anyone remembers that)

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ok so in between the usual house stuff ( seen as its just me and the kids so limits time a bit) I did it again and started to bite of more than I could chew, only managed to spend 4 hours since saturday morning :frowning:
started reading up on metaballs / isosurfaces and vert/frag shaders.

so ive binned all the fancy stuff and just plonked for working and I can tart it up later.

for reference so that i can study later;
Guide to Metaballs -

intro to simple liquid effects with shaders using a second camera and render textures

I stupidly thought that the frag shader stuff would be like the surface shaders ive been studying for the last month or so, but its a different ball game, so thats a ‘learn down the line’ job.

well, im unfortunately going to have to bail on this one :frowning:

just dont have the time I thought I would, ended up spending all day trying to make tools to replace the cars fanbelt, one of those essential things when you live so far out of any city or large towns.

but, ill keep it going and see how far I get. I now have different water tanks, with selectable colors and flow speeds.

I now need switch mechanics to put flow directions and pots at bottom to collect colored water.

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