Tilesets in Godot 4

I did this course a few years ago and decided to retake it to reacquaint myself, but decided for the re-do to use Godot 4.1 (latest stable as of writing). I know that the course assumes 3.1, and so far I’ve been able to work through the differences. But I’m completely stopped at Lesson 27 (tilemaps for Hoppy Days). Seems that managing tiles have undergone a pretty major change in Godot 4. I’m not able to convert the tile scene to a tile set following along with lesson video. Is there a short version of an alternate path to creating a tile set from the environment textures provided in the resources?

ill try and find the vid i done for heist mesiters.

yep tilemaps have had a major update.

i cant remember what course i posted it under, whether it was here or on udemy but i done a deep dive into tilemaps to try and suss them out.

ive bookmarked this and ill come back to it once i find the lenghthly post i done

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if your working through hoppy days on the archived content.
for tilemaps / sets and terrains, the docs have a good bit on setting up the tilemap and then onto tilesets, its pretty good for a primer.
I can’t find the little write up I done.

< Using TileSets — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English>

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