Thrust particles not appear when loop play : mainEngineParticles.Play();

this is the code that i following from video, the problem is mainEngineParticle not appear in the screen because it played multiple,loop play again and again , my solution is change the the code to be (! mainEnginParticles.isPlaying ){mainEngineParticles.Play(); } same like how we play the audio , yes that solved my problem , but i am confused about it, my question is : why the code working in the course’s video and not in my computer ??
can someone tell me why this happened ? what the different between my computer and the lecture computer ?
i just think, it should to be problem in all computer, the fact is no.
i need the explanation.

somebody ask and review this problem too here:


Cheers, that sorter it

had the same issue. I think the particle effect kept “interupting itself” and restarting. Adding that bit of code let it run correctly.


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yeah I had the same problem .Than i followed every step carefully to see the same mistake(rookie mistake😜)

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