Thriller/Mystery - Crime Drama Game

I’ve always loved shows like CSI, and related crime dramas. I enjoyed the CSI games, but I thought they could be a bit more immersive, it was a bit bland at times. I would like to create a mystery investigation/thriller game from either a detective or civilian point of view. Maybe not so focused on the science like CSI etc., but something where the player must uncover evidence and manipulate objects to piece together the story (puzzle solving). Think LA Noire, without the GTA style gun-blazing action (more focused on the mystery).

-Engine: TBD
-Either First or Third Person can work, but I think FP would be best.
-Object Manipulation (Combining)
-Soundtrack (setting mood)
-Character Selection
-Evidence gathering
-Decision making
-Story-building interface (to solve case)
-Creating the appropriate environments

Maybe I’m a little too ambitious here, but this is definitely something I would like to see.


I’m not much of a game player, but I AM a huge fan of procedural shows like CSI, NCIS and the like, so a game as you describe, would be fun for those who like these types of mysteries.

This is the kind of stuff I think would be great as a “talking head” or “hangout” video to talk about ideas, architecture, pitfalls, examples, etc. I’m not sure just providing one simple sample method for executing the basic framework of a game like this would really do the subject justice nor would it really be needed.

I think one or more videos just talking about a specialized subject like this in detail, perhaps breaking down the topics like the sections of a course would do very well. You can warn us of potential problems, suggest different ways to approach the problems, suggest resources to study in detail (or which of your other courses might have relevant sections), etc.

I think a programming tutorial would be very basic, and it would just cover some basic frameworks, and it would only approach the subject one way (out of a multitude of ways that it can be approached) but one or more videos just discussing the issue could go into detail, advanced topics, and a variety of possible directions. It might also encourage the community to form corroborative groups based on “challenges” suggested in these videos.

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