Thoughts on Unreal C++ Remaster

How is everyone enjoying the new 2019 content on the Unreal C++ course?

I’ve just restarted the Unreal C++ course, so I’m watching the new videos. One thing I noticed was that Ben says that Mac’s are case-sensitive. Unfortunately, they’re not by default, they just pretend to be. He’s absolutely right when it comes to tab-completion after typing ‘doc’. It won’t complete to “Documents”. But you can ‘cd documents’ and the Mac will put you in to the Documents directory – and display it on your prompt as ‘documents’. So that might be confusing. To make them really case-sensitive, you have to reformat the drive with the option enabled, which is a drastic move.

On both Mac and Linux (actually, it’s the bash shell), you can press TAB twice to find all matches. i.e., type ‘Do’ and press the TAB key twice. You’ll get a list of possible completions.

Also, the page that has information about the Blueprint course has ‘sadf’ for text…??

And ‘YAY!’ for CLion! I’m a JetBrains junkie.

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Said something along those lines to him on the initial review :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad you are enjoying the remaster so far! I think those are great points that can be brought up to @Ben.

I’ve never used or heard of CLion i’m going to check it out!

I’m in the last section of the course, but thought it’d be fun to fly back to the beginning and check out the re-done section. My initial impression is that it’s very clean. From the original, I wasn’t really a fan of all the edits, and text on the screen and whatnot for modifications with regards to new versions of unreal and visual studio, but I guess that’s inevitable.

I really like how he flips between different operating systems when showing how to do things. It makes them feel more like first class citizens.

And I like having Ben’s face visible. That sounds weird and minor, but it somehow feels better to see who’s talking, instead of just a voice projecting from nowhere lol.

oof, “Want to focus on Blueprint? sadf”
sadf? Looks like placeholder text for an actual description, lol


Hi Kevin!

So far, the new stuff seems nice. Glad to see that MS created a lightweight compiler software product, to contrast the behemoth known as Visual Studio. I’m currently going through a review to be prepared for some upcoming projects including possible job exposure.

Wish me luck with that, especially with getting better employment!


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Have only briefly looked at it, but you can tell that the quality is getting better and better with each new course and every rework. I appreciate that @ben is putting so much emphasis on quality and values feedback. I’m looking forward to the rework of the last section. The current version is not bad, but I think it could already start with C++, even though it taught me that blueprints are not faster or easier to create than C++ and get unreadable very very quickly.


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