Thoughts about Quiz Master

Well i have come to the end of this section. Thankyou Gary for sharing your experience and knowledge. Very nicley put together.

I dont know about anyone else. I struggled on a few of those meaty challenges. I found them to be a lot more challenging than the previous challenges in this course. Perhaps it’s just me. I did seem to pick things up better towards the end. Maybe it’s just about getting used to a different teaching style.

As this section is so important and found there was a lot to take in i have decided to go through this section again. With the chosen theme Sci-Fi and to add my own graphics and perhaps some background music to create atmosphere.

Here is a backround image which i made in blender and photoshop. I used the original background Gary uses as a guide as i really liked the neon border.

There are loads of cool nebula tutorials on youtube. Anyone is welcome to use this if they like.


Background looks amazing, I love the theme, and I’m a sucker for a glowy effect!

I’ve seen similar regarding Quiz Master on here, IMO Quiz Master is the hardest of them all, after it you’ll probably find the others much easier and learning much faster.


thanks trustnoone ! yes i agree this is the hardest. There is a lot of new things to learn so it’s worth spending extra time just to make sure everything is understood and sticks in.

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I have to say i felt the same, this chapter felt like a huge step up from the previous ones and for a few challenges i definitly didn’t feel like I was ready for it.

Stuff like calling functions from different scripts turned out to be quit a challenge for me, because i didnt really understand them enough to do alone. I had to skip a few challenges to get it, but eventually i still had the feeling that everything came together somehow.

Another thing that felt hard to follow at first was the order we call each functions or what to call next, but that’s probably because i didn’t name them myself and had to backtrack a bit and we had quit a few of them. This is probably more on me and in the end it’s an important thing to learn, i guess with more experience this will become much easier.

I will redo this course on my own and make my own quiz with as little help as possible, to get a deeper understanding of how it works. I feel quit confident to tackle this but i’m sure i will have to do a bit of research in the unity docs which is good practice i guess.

Still quit happy with the course so far, i’ve learned much much more in way less time then i have done with everything else including a few other courses.

I’m still super motivated to keep on going, and can’t wait to do the next chapter.

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Welcome to the community TiloK. Sounds like your doing really well keep going. Looking forward to Tilevania too :smiley:

That background looks fantastic! :smiley:

I’m glad you enjoyed the section and thank you for giving feedback on the difficulty.

I do tend to write challenges that will push your understanding, so don’t feel disheartened if you don’t get them right away - Some things just take time before they really click. The main thing is to give them your best shot, as this will really help to develop your critical reasoning skills.

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Thank you for the feedback @TiloK.

Redoing sections on your own is fantastic practice, so I’d highly recommend it. Getting comfortable with reading the docs is also a really good skill to develop - I refer to them all the time!
If you ever get stuck then you can always refer back to the course project for reference but I’m sure you’ll do just fine! :slight_smile:

Thankyou for your kind words regarding the background and for your support

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Thanks Gary!

I ended up not redoing the course because i was too impatient and wanted to start with TileVania :rofl:

That wasn’t too bad because in the end i learned much more than i first thought.

Still in love with this course, the teaching style and the little challenges are very good at keeping your interest and motivating you to actually work with the code instead of just copying what you are doing. Definitly noticeable that you guys are teaching for a while now.

I’m currently on the last course and working on a prototype of my 2D Platformer on the side to spice things up. I am getting along much much better then last time i tried this, so I definitely learned a lot in this course! Had quit a few challenging tasks to solve which i managed to tackle thanks to what i learned here.

I also realized that i absolutly despise Singletons and that i rather use Scriptable Objects for easier debugging, lol.

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