Those wireframe lines

Hey!! I wonder if there is any possible way to hide those kind of wire frame lines. I’ve tried several things by now but without the desired result… I already tried the perspective option top left corner an the view options… I’m sure there is something else for that but can’t find it. Please help!! Thank you!!!


Ive tried a few things, but nothing really removes them from the editor views.

ive tried using a CSG combiner node in the background scene, that seems to turn town the vibrancy of the mesh lines. but this doesnt reflect when I returned to the main game scene.

i had thougt that there might have been a theme color for the lines, just to darken them off a little, but i couldnt find one.

im guessing that its just something that CSG shapes have from what i can find.

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Ohh I see. Thanks for your time OboShape. I’ll try to ignore them for the moment. Let’s see what happens in future versions as well…!!

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