This video is obsolete for newer versions of Unity

In case anyone is confused by this video, where Rick says it’s not possible to put prefabs within prefabs, then be aware that this information is out of date with newer versions of Unity (since 2018.3 I believe). If you try to follow along with the video you’ll quickly find that more recent versions of Unity behave very differently.

I suggest this video has some kind of annotation added to state this at the start otherwise it may be very confusing to anyone who isn’t aware of the newer Prefab support.

Well thank you!
Indeed, I tried to delete my prefabs like Rick and I no longer had particles effects working in the scene.
I had to revert to a git backup to have it working again…

Indeed but do remember they tell you to run the same version as they do to avoid issues like this :slight_smile:

That said, they should make a little “notice this” video in the video.