This lecture's video (34_CP_CBC) is not fully cut

The video in this lecture is not fully cut and has a lot of unnecessary footage in it.


Hi there,

This is unusual as i dont think its a lecture i have touched.
If you can highlight where the edit might be i can look into what has happened.
There is one in the lighting lecture i know about but if you could highlight this one and checkt hat it is the correct lecture i would be grateful



The video starts out with what looks like corrupted video (the audio is not corrupted, but uncut) for the first minute. This entire lecture, “Multiple Cameras”, has uncut video and audio in it. I think the video is actually around 2 to 3 times longer than it’s intended to be because there is so much of it.

The content is correct for the lecture (it is all about setting up and rendering multiple camera views) it’s just that there are long pauses, multiple uncut takes, etc.

I could go through and highlight the sections that aren’t finalized, but in this case I think there is just so much of it that it wouldn’t be valuable. I think it’s likely that almost the entire thing is unedited.


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Thanks for highlighting this i am on the chase for a fix for this one although it may mean i need to record a new video to replace it.

Will keep this thread open until it is resolved

This should now be fixed and replaced with a back we had.

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