This lecture require additional information

I have met a lot of problems after that lecture and want provide some hints for everyone who will try to use provided links to sources and will have some problems.

1st problem: Repository name started with numeric.
If you will try to clone repository from a link and try to compile dylib from uproject file then you will receive a lot of complains about Unreal macroses.
Solution: Rename folder with project. For example to S05_TestingGrounds

2nd problem: You couldn’t just download sources from Github via downloading ZIP file, because it doesn’t contain LFS files.
Solution: Use Git clients or Git cmd tools. Alternative way is linking repository URL(to specific commit) to this folder and then you could do git checkout

3rd problem: On macOS Sierra Source tree has some problems with downloading files from LFS. (different golang errors)
Solution: Use git cmd tools. ( git checkout commit_hash -f )

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