This is my take on the Street light, stood within the task rules

On this one i got a bit stuck, because of how blender scaling system works (in example i want a pole 1.2m high, and then duplicate it and make it 0.4 meters: Scale Z 0.4 -> WRONG) Instead of meters it’s a % size, so press “S”, “Z” (for vertical only), write 0.3, press enter to confirm. Done.

Another way is to use the “Dimension” property in the side panel and put the size in meters there, then just grab/move it wherever you need it (press N to show the side panel, by default hotkeys).

This is my result, kept it simple because i tend to overcomplicate it, and I wanted to stay by the rules of the given task, so no mesh edit, no material and such.


Making progress.


Thank you :smiley:

Wanted to do this yesterday but couldn’t due to lack of time :laughing:


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Do remember:

  • Blender makes a difference in scale for the object AND inner mesh.
  • The default cube has a size of 2 not 1.
  • Scaling using sz, has different outcome depending on you object origin (orange dot).
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Thank you for the tips, at first what put me off is that i was used to scale but in example Unity3D, never used modelling apps before, so i was thinking “Scale 2 = 2m” but scale “2” was instead double the size, and to scale down instead of negative, i had to input “0.80” for example.

After a while got it but still prefer the dimension (in meters) when available. :smiley: