This is my final Church and Bridge in Fog

After finishing this lecture, I felt I needed to make one more render of the Church over the bridge in a fog. It works a little better than the first one I made for the challenge. I would really have liked my lamp post lights to have smaller reflections on the water instead of the huge ones they have. I just didn’t know how to do that.


Try Decreasing the Roughness of the material so you can have a more defined image of the reflection making they look more the size of the actual Light sources as you decrease.

If it looks too much like a mirror, you can try using a Noise Texture to the water material nodes and plug to Displacement, so you have more wavy look to it.

Made something to demonstrate to you:

On the left the the material had 0.250 Roughness , on the right Roughness is set to 0.010 and some noise texture to the displacement. You can see the Shader nodes right up.


That looks incredibly awesome!

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