This is my drone, the Shark

This is my experimental model with blender. Just a placeholder but i tried exploring the nube’s surface along with the edit option. Please look at it and suggest any improvements.
Thank uAircraft (2).blend (582.9 KB)


Could you post an image? My laptop broke and I don’t have Blender on my desktop, yet.


Better still, if you have a SketchFab account and have uploaded your work, you can embed the SketchFab URL into the forum post and we can enjoy your work in its wonderous 3D :slight_smile:

See also;

Forum User Guides : How to embed a SketchFab 3D model within your post

Hi and thank you for the suggestion.
You can find my model on SketchFab here

Thank you


You’re more than welcome.

For it to embed nicely into the forum, you just need to pop the link in (e.g. paste the URL) rather than converting it to an actual link using the post tools :slight_smile:

Updated Fri Jul 07 2017 12:04

Very nice model by the way :slight_smile:

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Hi @MASGaming
Here is the image. The model is pretty basic. So please suggest any improvements


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