This grabber system is not working took tank section why?

Dunno bro, maybe explain smth. Show some code, tell us HOW it doesnt work. Which part of it. Maybe add a couple of UE_LOGs to code to learn what’s going on.


Grabber.header file:


PawnBase.header file:


PawnTank.header file:


You still haven’t really provided information as to what you’re expecting. How isn’t it working? What are you trying to do? etc.

i am trying to play grabber in took tank . I wrote pank tank(Pawn) and grabber (actor component) then I added grabber to pawn tank in the blueprint of pawntank. but while playing grabber is not working, it compiled well, and no error

Have you prepared the input actions?

And what are you trying to pick up? Do they have collision and have the right collision profile?

Static Mesh, yes it has collision

Have you set it to stimulate physics and set collision profile as physics actor?

Are they set to be physics bodies? Are you getting anything from your logs?