This course is amazing

This course is amazing!!!
you guys are GREAT!! its an amazing course!
its just begun but I can FEEL its AMAZING
you guys are so cheerful, and it really makes it fun and just GREAT
really great presentation!
I have a project Ive been working on for quite awhile, mainly learning from random youtube tutorials, and Unity’s resources, but Ive hardly seen an example of a FULL PROJECT
and I FEEL this course is going to be an amazing experience!

this course should be like, mandated by Unity or something! … like they pay you and you make it free on Unity’s site… or something… … i just mean, this course i can feel is just AMAZING!!! … its what ive been NEEDING… ill be sure to recommend it to people that want to learn, that i talk to on forums and etc.
thanks alot for making this for us!

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