Things I do and do not recognize in PositionReporter

In the .cpp and .h PositionReporter files generated by the Unreal Editor for this lesson,
I recognized:

  • include statements
  • boolean and void methods
  • pragma once
  • the pointer FActorComponentFunction* ThisTickFunction
  • a class with public methods
  • enumerator ELevelTick
  • uint32 for bWantsBeginPlay

I did not recognize:

  • virtual as a prefix to void type
  • override as a suffix
  • UCLASS which seems to set the components ClassGroup and meta and also seems like it might be a macro
  • public on the same line as the class outside of brackets
  • Super which seems to refer to the class UActorComponent
  • uint8 for bCanEverTick (we have seen setting int numbers but not 8)
  • hash define in the descriptions of several purple components in the header file(UCLASS, BUILDINGESCAPE_API, and GENERATED_BODY() )

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