There is no SimpleShooterGameModeBase

Hello, I’m on Unreal Engine 5 C++ Developer: Learn C++ & Make Video Games course in the Simple Shooter Section on Lecture 194 minute 4:15. Why is my SimpleShooterGameModeBase not in Visual Studio Code or in the folder where I save all the code that I created?

Does anyone know where my GameModeBase is?

The blank C++ template used to come with a blank game mode. That’s no longer the case as of 5.3, so just use GameModeBase for the parent class.

So I write the public function on the GameModeBase @DanM ?

this one?


So I write the public function on the GameModeBase? But I don’t have the GameModeBase C++ file, so how do I write the code on the GameModeBase @DanM ?

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