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Game Pitch:
A story driven Adventure-3D Platformer game telling the life of a young happy girl who never realized she was a slave until she went deviated from masters intentions for the first time through seeking nothing but love.


Development Stage: 10% Complete, design vision is clear, core controls are completed, Localization and menus are completed, time to start making the experience.

Screenshot from 2019-10-31 06-50-032 Screenshot from 2019-10-31 06-57-49

Main Character: Amira
a happy,satisfied girl who decides to action and help her family family, as they’re simply poor in the purest form of the word, she doesn’t like how sometimes it is frowned upon how she acts much, and forces her way through in a field she isn’t supposed to be in, but, she decides to do her best for her family.

Story Key Points:

  • the girl does her best helping her family.
  • explore a bit of the traditions surrounding her, realizing she is in the age of marriage, and how it is not her intention right now.
  • show how her helping is actually fround upon among her family, but is allowed due to her deformity, which she miss understood as their acceptance.
  • she finds her love in which she exposes her deformity.
  • she is caught and a rough battle starts, from everyone surrounding her, wanting to take her down, which ends in her death, and the realization that, her actions were not out of her free will, but their allowance, her family, her community her world, realizing she was never free.
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This week, i have designed, Amira’s room, really happy about the results.

The Approach:

for designing the environments i usually use grided paper, and sketch out my level, but for this one i decided to use a different approach than my usual, which is using the camera view to design the levels instead of a grid and a paper, it was a nice approach, that yielded some results that i am quite proud of, it that worked pretty well for me, obviously, it has some downsides, and upsides.

progression was basically, for quite the first time, it was actually, pretty straight forward.

the camera is just, still in one place, which is the view that i chose, and then i simply keep adding prefabs slowly.

obviously, before i started making the room, i had a sort of small vision, that got formed over few iterations, and you can clearly see the progression in the images, i simply, placed the main layout, walls and floors first, then tested with camera view, then it was all about propping it up.

The Up Sides:

It was far more straight forward, not everything have to be placed perfectly in like common sense, things can be placed unrealistically as long as they look realistic on the camera.
it consumed less time, than doing it on paper.
i was far closer to the game, play testing movement and whatnot, and making changes as i go.
i managed to get the right scope and size of the level on the second try, as things were far more close to the engine than before.

The Down Sides:

Cameras were forced to be static or at least only look at the player, because if cameras move to the wrong spot, the horror of the placements will show up, but static cameras, suit well with my game so that was no problem.
its quite the different mindset, from the more static, rigid, and precise grid layout levels, in this case, the level, was placed, perfectly on grid (atleast the main layout), but the props, were definitely, not placed on grid, and in other levels, i am not even on a grid at all, so it is different mindset to the snappy, grid type of levels, but once we get used to it, it really becomes simply smooth sailing.


do i see myself, as well, ignoring the grided paper level design process entirely?

no most likely, not, but, sure it took me time to learn (and discover) this new method, i even had to reorganize my entire prefabs folder structures for it, but after one understands it, and has a sense of how things flow, it becomes a very powerful tool in the tool box.

what i am working on now, it is basically, a level, that mixes the two approaches, the grid, and the static (constrained) camera.

Main Menu

main menu is finally done, UI, BG, music, SFX, and most importantly arabic support i must say it turned out better than i expected, next step is having fun with gameplay and level design (pretty excited :D)
i honestly, really dislike UI work, and publishing the game so i have been working hard on preparing the UI, and the shop pages, also, really glad, i got that nightmare of supporting arabic done through multiple languages is just tough.
can’t wait to get back to the fun stuff, and make some cool gameplay moments :slight_smile:

First Game Play Shot

did my best the past week, to do a lot of back end invisible programming (mainly App Stores Integration for ads and in app purchases), and did some hard work to actually show even a fraction of the gameplay, and funnily enough, even after all of that work i have done, the player still “can’t actually shoot”
so i worked hard to get player hitting, dealing damage, and finally, shooting bullets in a bullet hell like manner but in 3D, 3D was just a full blown extra step in complexity, but for the most part it is stable and working.
i hope you like the small piece of gameplay i managed to pop out this week.

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First Game Play Shot
this was a super tough week, i struggled pretty hard to beat my procrastinating self,and do some work,and barely made it in time for the weekly devlog for this week i managed to.

  • stabilize interaction system and integrate it into the game
  • 3D Movement in better form
  • updated the structure for localization system, arabic support for audio and text, story will be told through voice rather than text
  • used Amira’s broken down room as the tutorial (what do you think her house will look like?)
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Mixed Week

this week was a mix of level design,programming, and combining old systems with new.
i made the interaction system more versatile, fixed bugs with older systems, and lastly, designed the second level, that introduces, jumping, and puzzle mechanics.

this segment of the game,representing the corridor separating amira’s room from the house of her family.
hope you guys like it
and something that i haven’t shared elsewhere, i made big progress with the game’s website.

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