The video is confusing about "the bug"


“No aim solution” appears not because of missing parameter, rather because of default parameter value ( ESuggestProjVelocityTraceOption::TraceFullPath ).

Also, when talking about “most of the frames” it’s not true because 3 of 4 log messages goes from the AI tanks.

While still for the Player’s tank it also happens sometimes.

I’m not sure why it happens with “TraceFullPath” option, but definitely not because of “missing parameter”.

Pretty sure this gets addressed eventually.

Ah, right, I’m on 4.14.3 so it could be fixed already… But it still has the same behavior with ::DoNotTrack option.

And still, there are missed thing about 3 AI tanks.

I meant Ben acknowledging the mistake of the default parameter not being DoNotTrace. The question on the answerhub was ruled as floating point rounding error

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