The UE_LOG doen't appear at launch

UPDATE : It works now. Still no idea why it didn’t before. Basically, I’ve just deleted the comment about copyright from my header file since the log was telling me it couldn’t axxess line 1 and then it worked even when I put the comment back. Try compiling from UE instead of VS

Hope this helps.


I followed the instructions and tried to be careful about the code but somehow it doesn’t appear when I launch the game.

Does anybody know how to get it ?
Thx in advance

UPDATE : I’ve noticed this log appearing that seems related

Here’s the code of the header file

I was suffering the same issue that you had, couldn’t get it to show. What I didn’t do was tie the script to an object, in this case the chair. Once I did that, I received the appropriate log. Hope it helps a little.

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