The Turn-Based Tactician - Create Tabletop Style Games In Unity With C#

The idea is teach purely turn-based projects in Unity, think of board games, X-Com and other tabletop games. @Yann_Burrett would be your primary instructor. What do you think?

Examples of possible projects…

  • Tic-tac-toe
  • Chess
  • Card trading game
  • Clash Royale style game
  • Mini X-Com clone

@Yann_Burrett and other, I don’t like “technician” in the title here. What would work better for this? The idea being something aspirational the student becomes by taking the course.

… thinking out loud, for a start “tactician” is much better so changed to that pending further ideas.

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I like the Idea I would purchase this course, though you are right the name could use some work.

Maybe “artist” or “creator”?

Since my major goal in learning Unity is to make a turn-based tactics game, I’d definitely be into this.

Love this.

Sign me up


i would like that

Really cool to see this. Something like old ZX-Spectrum “Laser Squad”

Man I remember that game!

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I remember we were terrible at it, back in the day… :grin:

I try many times to replicate “Laser Squad" (and “Elite”) in Spectrum Basic but fail.

I really like this idea!
XCOM is one of my favorite games of all time, would be awesome to make something like that :slight_smile:

Definite buy - this is why I’m in the boardgame course :slight_smile:

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I am very interested in this kind of games, and I have a few ideas how to start, but I’ll love to learn from you a good foundation of how to create these games.

I think starting it with Tactical Turn-Based and Tabletop Style Games sound better.

Pretty please??

Ben you guys are making more courses than I can take, but I would also get this one…


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I’d be for that.

Turn-based Board-Game? It sounds like a nice add-on to the main course, as well as a good way to force people to get into coding! I personally think it would be best to go down the route of a card-trading game as it would show a lot more interesting code on creating and accessing databases of information in code (something you’ve skimmed around in previous courses). Any X-Com or Clash Royale-cloans also put a large emphasis on graphics/animations. Whilst you could use code (or DOTWeen) to animate 3D cards, I personally would prefer to learn about the coding cycle itself rather than have a few hours of you planning out animations, placements, designs and so on.

Before I’d back this kind of course, I’d want to see a couple features guaranteed though:

  • 3-4 different examples of C# code plans; planning files, what each file does and how they’d communicate (i.e. 1 plan where you have a GameManager, PlayerManager, CardManager, etc.; another plan where you hold data on a HandManager instead. Show different ways that different games could be organised. What if there were more than 2 players? How would code be planned then? etc.) explain advantages/disadvantages of each method (i.e. complexity vs future support, ease of improving code, etc.)
  • AI code included (either written from scratch for a simple card game, or shared with us and explained how it works as an in-depth video).
  • Multiplayer support through Unity services, showing us how you’d set up lobbies, create rooms, join others and share information between machines. Teach people from the start how to write games to support multiplayer addition at a later date. Don’t lead us down a simple path now just so that they have to break bad habits later and re-write code should they want to make it multiplayer.

These are all fairly complex features, I’m not sure if the idea is to appeal to new developers (getting people into Unity) or if it’s a continuation post-Complete Course (or Cert Dev course). Hopefully you could also offer a high quality standard-layout card deck sprite pack (including a card back) whether or not you’re using a regular deck in your game. It would enable people to go and make their favourite real-life card game inside Unity next, so that the learning doesn’t end once the course is complete.


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